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    Chezz Jumper - Alcoholic Drinks - Advertising - Array - Array - March 23, 2014


    CHEZZ JUMPER. Interactive Sound Machine Task: To attract young people, interested in music and technology, to the brand in the internet and give them a chance to win tickets for Global Gathering Music Festival Idea: Controlling sound from the speakers, players had to move Chezz beer cap to a prize zone (an improvised stage). We established a clear relation of the brand to music, so that a product (Chezz cap) became the central figure of the whole ad campaign How it worked: • A stand-alone site with a Social API Facebook authorization • A real time game • Players had 3 attempts for 15 seconds in order to throw Chezz beer cap on the stage. Those who failed had to invite their friends in order to get more attempts to continue the game • 2 modes of control: in a browser or using a smartphone as a gamepad Design: • 6 large speakers with fixed diffusers on the scale • The speakers were controlled by a computer with a multichannel soundcard • Mechanisms of reset and fixation, a monitor, LED-lighting and requisites • The mechanism was managed by a controller connected to computer • Available 24/7 Results: • 440 291 unique visits • 17302 played games by 8 507 participants • KPI was reached and overperformed on the branded communities of Facebook and Vkontakte for 233% and 44% • Even 14.6% of the bounce rate enabled to get 70,656 “free of charge” visits