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    Disrupted Christmas - Self-promo - Advertising - Array - Array - January 13, 2014


    Advertising prides itself on disruption. But what if you could disrupt advertising? On Friday 13th December 2013 we raised $5,500 for The Factory, a local community centre, via a live, interactive installation, which gave the public the chance to disrupt the agency as it worked throughout the day. We hacked Electric Muscle Stimulation units and hooked them up to the Internet via IP cameras. Key members of the agency were then connected to the EMS units, and the Internet via a live stream. The public could watch our day and disrupt it at will with the click of a button. Users chose a stream, clicked the 'Disrupt' button, and watched as the EMS instantaneously zapped our staff, interrupting their ability to continue the task at hand. For each 'disruption' we donated $1 to The Factory, a local community centre with a long history of supporting socially and economically disadvantaged local residents. The interactive webcast lasted more than 4 hours, raising a grand total of over $5500. We achieved precious little work, but succeeded in spreading Christmas cheer in spades. By Holler Sydney in collaboration with Michaela Davies. More about the tech: www.vimeo.com/82014599 Read on: http://theophane.co.uk/2013/12/16/disruptedxmas