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    Embers of Empathy - Public interest - Advertising - Array - Array - January 13, 2014


    Embers of Empathy A unique collaboration between one of the world's leading humanitarian organisations and Australia's most renowned fine artists, to raise funds to support people and communities affected by natural disasters. October 2013 saw yet another spate of bushfires across New South Wales. In the Blue Mountains region alone thousands of people were evacuated and 193 homes were destroyed. This most recent tragedy, however, had another more positive consequence. It inspired a unique collaboration between Australian Red Cross and the Australian art community. It will see some of the biggest names in Australian art using the charcoal remnants of the burnt Blue Mountains landscape to create very special pieces of art over the summer months. These unique works will then be auctioned, with all proceeds going towards the vital disaster relief and recovery work of Red Cross. To find out how Red Cross work with communities to better prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters across the country visit redcross.org.au.