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    Guess how many Lipton are in the box - Non-alcoholic Drinks - Advertising - Array - Array - April 17, 2014


    The case: Re-launch of the Lipton Ice Tea No Sugar variant with new logo and new packaging. The goal: To familiarize audience with the product’s new “look”, raise brand awareness and generate buzz. The action plan: To achieve our goal, we created the application “Guess how many Lipton are in the box”. In Greek, the second syllable of the word “box” sounds exactly the same as “tea” (coo-tea), so the app name had a little pun in there too. The idea was pretty simple. We used a plexi-glass box, we filled it with many-many Lipton Ice Tea cans and then we snapped a picture. That was enough to create a fun and interactive facebook app game also featured on the facebook page Timeline, to raise its engagement. To take part, users simply have to guess how many cans are in the box. To make it easier for users to guess correctly and to incorporate some gamification elements, we created two “helps”. Those are “unlocked” when the number of page Likes reaches certain pre-defined numbers. This makes the experience seem like a team effort, since users share the app and invite their friends to play in order to get the help. Result: Already, in just one day, over 2,000 different guesses have been submitted in order to find the right number of cans. For Lipton Ice Tea No Sugar, that’s pretty sweet.