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    Heartgingers - Other,Food - Advertising - Array - Array - January 24, 2011


    Stimorol gum needed to distribute 40,000 packs of Orange Mint samples in a way that would leverage their brand, give them great exposure and create a memorable stunt. So to hand out the Orange Mint gum, we looked no further than orange-haired people. We created a group called ‘HeartGingers’, which we used to gather and recruit ginger-haired people for a ginger flash mob at the Synergy Music Festival. The event was a huge success, gaining great exposure for Stimorol on the web and radio. The gingers handed out all the gum. Roughly 6000 people were exposed to our Ginger army at Synergy. It generated R590 000 worth of PR on radio. And we showed everyone that gingers are people too.