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    Here's to change - Electronics & Technology - Advertising - Array - Array - January 30, 2014


    Villaverde Boetticher FC is a modest Spanish football team that plays in an amateur regional division with one of the lowest budgets in its category. Most importantly, Villaverde is known for playing a fundamental role in the integration of kids in a conflictive neighbourhood through its football academy. Villaverde has two dreams and they\92re both extremely complicated: promoting to Third Division (and going professional) and playing a UEFA Champions League match. HTC, official UEFA Champions League Smartphone, decided to help make both dreams come true. Without the players knowing, HTC put artificial turf on their old soil pitch, renewed the club\92s installations and brought the official UEFA Champions League trophy to preside the new pitch\92s inaugural match. Engaging the fans\92 dreams about dreaming big and someday being able to play the UEFA Champions League. HTC. Here\92s To Change.