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    Human Printing Press - Clothing & Footwear - Advertising - Array - Array - January 13, 2014


    Istanbul has the most passionate sports fans on the planet. But it's a city of spectators. Nike challenged us to get these guys off the sidelines, and moving, playing and training around the city. If you want someone to see movement differently, you have to show it to them in a whole new way. That’s why we created The Human Printing Press, a machine designed and built to capture the movement of Turkey's sporting heroes. Bigger than half a football pitch and powered by a peloton of cyclists, every stage of the production line pushed the boundaries of printing, inventing new ways to capture movement: athletes sprint-sprayed, knockout-patterned, volley-printed, neon-rolled, push-up embossed and slam-dunk-stamped each poster. The Human Printing Press film was released with an irresistible challenge that tapped right into the heart of the city's passion for sport: "You can get your hands on one of these unique made by movement posters… you just have to move." On Nike digital and athlete social channels, we set a series of challenges that were as playful and unique as the posters themselves. Run clubs ended up in swimming pools, training classes lasted till the last woman was standing and footballers played on water.