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    Kate's Advent Calendar - Mobile - Advertising - Array - Array - February 19, 2014


    Each Christmas all major grocery stores and supermarkets launch their Christmas campaigns. However, not everyone has the budget to launch a massive marketing campaign. Kate's Organic Market in Stockholm, Sweden is a small independent store with limited resources. Therefore we needed a cost-effective, but above all inspiring idea when we did their Christmas campaign. Kate's Advent calendar was created entirely in Instagram. Each day in December, counting down to Christmas Eve, we uploaded a new ”door” that featured a product and an offer. To stay true to the Instagram experience we recorded all 24 films using a smartphone. When all 24 doors added up, it turned out also that what started as individual numbered doors with an disjointed pattern, together formed a large Christmas message from Kate's. You could also see that the three last doors revealed a secret. A free membership card if you came into the store.