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    Only for brave man - Online - Advertising - Array - Array - April 14, 2014


    What’s the best way to show that you’re a tough brave man, a Barba Rija man, like people in Portugal use to call them? Try and shave on top of a moving truck in one of Lisbon’s main avenues, and probably that will do the trick. Clube Barba Rija is not for kids but for full grown men, so we created this daring video, with a real man instead of a stuntman, as a way to get people talking about this new online club that will help Portuguese men by delivering at their homes all they need for a perfect shave. Note: We do not provide the truck or the lady in the bathtub, just the razors, blades and shaving products. If you're that kind of man, join the club and help us spread the word about #barbarija.