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    Phantom Fuse 3 - Clothing & Footwear - Advertising - Array - Array - November 19, 2013


    The guys at Hurley approached us to visualise some of the key features in their new Phantom Fuse 3 shorts. As some of the most technical boardshorts around, they needed an approach that plunged them deep underwater, into their natural habitat. Our approach combined a mixture of photographic textures, live action background plates and CG water. www.goldenwolf.tv CREDITS: Directed and produced by Golden Wolf. Creative director: ingi Erlingsson Lead Designer: Wojtek Szklarski Producer: Ant Baena 3D: Alex Fernandez, Max Englehart, Tim Whiting, Henry Purrington, Tom Purrington, Wojtek Szklarski, Rachel Chu Compositing: Alex Fernandez, Max Englehart, Mat Landour