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    TDI TouchDrive - Automotive - Advertising - Array - Array - September 15, 2013


    The ad, TDI TouchDrive, was created for Motor Trend’s and Automobile Magazine’s iMag format. It combines video, animation and interaction to educate consumers about Volkswagen’s TDI Clean Diesel technology and range. The personalized ad uses geolocation and driving directions to provide users with four or five route options to virtually drive 795 miles in a Passat TDI on a single tank of fuel. Interactive “bubbles” with fun road trip stats, film content and info appear along with way to show how the trip might go down. At the end, users are taken to the destination with Google Street View and can then pick a new trip. The experience automatically generates new roadtrips when users are connected to WiFi, or provides five pre-programmed roadtrips for those not connected.