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    Thank You - Communication Services,Food,Other,Electronics & Technology,Public interest,Transport & Tourism - Advertising - Array - Array - September 15, 2010


    URL: http://www.unitaid.eu/thankyou The diseases HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis claim the lives of 4.4 million people every year – and mostly just because those affected don’t have access to affordable medication. Since 2006 the international organisation UNITAID has been dedicated to the acquisition of medicine against three of the world’s most lethal diseases. Hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNITAID has received almost one billion Dollars of funds during the last three years. As a way of saying “Thank you”, the innovative funding facility now launches an integrated campaign that highlights achievements already enabled through the subsidies received. UNITAID is mostly funded by a small levy on airline tickets applied by the membership countries. This sparked the creative idea of the campaign: “Follow the paper aeroplane on its journey”. The campaign’s start marks a web special at www.unitaid.eu/thankyou. The user embarks on a cinematic trip to destinations the organization is active in, accompanied by a paper plane that follows him to every station as a symbol for the help of UNITAID.