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    The Reader - Alcoholic Drinks - Advertising - Array - Array - February 04, 2014


    Bell\92s Whisky. The Reader tells the heart-warming tale of an elderly man who is learning to read. What makes the story even more touching is the man\92s reason for undertaking this challenge: he wants to be able to read the book his son has written. \93This touching story of perseverance stays true to the values and spirit that the Bell\92s brand has become known for,\94 says Thandeka Ngqumeya, Bell\92s Whisky Brand Manager. \93The slogan \93Give that man a Bell\92s!\94 is a phrase that has become synonymous with acknowledging exceptional achievement, especially when people go to great lengths to do something for someone else.\94 \93In The Reader we strove to create a storyline that would engage and inspire South Africans across the board\94 says Devin Kennedy, Executive Creative Director at King James. \93The commercial celebrates universal themes such as friendship, family and community as well as the extra special things we do for each other.\94